The Next Generation in Interior Floor Coatings
ECO Friendly, LEED Approved,  
waterborne floor coatings by KraGil Inc.

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Long Before anyone knew what (Green) was all about, WearMax was a (Green) product. With VOC levels below 125 ppl and is still the leader in Low vOC's, Longevity and Slip Resistance.



KraGil Inc. is located in the upper midwest. We are a premium quality floor coating Manufacturer of WearMax Floor Coatings. WearMax products meet and exceed todays standards for residential and commercial floors of today’s world. We pride ourselves in having the only ceramic water-based floor coating in the world.

Our coatings will replace Epoxy, Wax, Acrylic and Poly Urethane floor coatings. Fifty times more wear resistance than Epoxy, Wax, Acrylic and Poly Urethane floor coatings and 10 times more resistance than Aluminum Oxides.

We work with trained professionals and have distributors in Canada, Australia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia, Monte Negro, and Macedonia.

We are the leader in wear and skid resistant floor coatings that last.

We are an ECO friendly, low VOC, waterbased floor coating for interior use only. All VOC levels under 125.

Product is a clear coat, but we also make stains for wood +.

We can coat over Wood, Rubber, VCT, Linoleum, Vinyl, PVC, Terrazzo and Polish Concrete Etc. 

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We are currently looking for more Contractors and Distributors in the UK, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Morroco, Russia, Brazil, Chile and African Countries.

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