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waterborne floor coatings by KraGil Inc.

A.C.E. Training

Please call 612-605-1864 to Schedule your training.

You can go to the factory or the factory will come to you for your training needs.

Once you have successfully completed the training course you will be given

an ACE Training ID # to become an authorized installer.


These organizations are no longer authorized trainers:

  • The Wood Floor Conservancy
  • Wood Floors Forever

After we finished coating the vinyl sheets at the Brisbane, Australia training program I told one of the people to get the sander and some sand paper. We pulled over a piece of vinyl that had not been coated with WearMax and put it by one that we had finished with WearMax.

< This is a clip of the piece that doesn't have WearMax. Click on picture.









This is a clip of the piece that has WearMax on it. Click on picture.