The Next Generation in Interior Floor Coatings
ECO Friendly, LEED Approved,  
waterborne floor coatings by KraGil Inc.


The Next Generation of Floor Coating

KraGil Inc. is the manufacturer of waterbased floor coatings and stains, with some of if not the lowest VOC levels on the market today.

Our mission is to provide a durable, slip resistant, stain resistant and chemical resistant longest lasting, maintenance free floor coating for the home or workplace which will meet or beat the LEED standards set forth for new construction and remodeling.

WearMax have been the leader in low VOC technology since 1997.

All Top Coats have VOC levels below 125.

Slip resistant tests exceed most other products in there classification wet or dry.

Wear resistance in our ceramic products for commercial use, exceeds all other products.

Our ceramic products are considered to be permanant coatings and require schooling for the application of the products.