The Next Generation in Interior Floor Coatings
ECO Friendly, LEED Approved,  
waterborne floor coatings by KraGil Inc.

TopLine Top Coat

  • Site applied water based
  • Non-Ceramic Product
  • Water borne technology
  • Low Odor
  • Low VOC's (under 85)
  • Two component product
  • Enhanced mar and scratch resistance and excellent scuff resistance
  • Clear appearance
  • Three different gloss values available: Matte(18-22), Satin (40-45), Gloss (75-80)
  • Highest Performance at its price range
  • Easy to apply
  • Best durability at its price point
  • Catalyzed for better stain resistance, scuff resistance, and durability
  • Up to 700 - 800 feet per gallon
  • 100% water base
  • Can be re-catalyzed once for less waste
  • Quick drying - 2-3 hours per coat
  • Tabor Rating 4337
  • Complete Wood Floor finish System for residential applications
  • Top Line is covered by our 5-Year warranty against wear through*

* Warranty valid if the coating is applied by a contractor that is certified by Trustor Coatings or KraGil Inc. or certified training instructor from either manufacturer.

* Disclaimer: All WearMax products are for professional use only and are not guaranteed to be compatible with any other products on the market

Compatible Products

  • WearMax Stains 6910---
  • Universal Sealer 6515-G
  • Universal Primer 6514-G
  • TopLine Matte 6516-2-1G
  • TopLine Satin 6516-4-1G
  • TopLine Gloss 6516-7-1G

The WearMax Warranty

The TopLine finish is warrantied against wear through to the substrate for 5 years from date of application residential with (NO Commercial) Warranty subject to the following conditions:

  • The finish is to be used indoors only
  • The finish must be applied by a factory trained and certified technician
  • You can call KraGil Inc. for a current list of certified contractors in your area
  • WearMax must be applied according to published recommendations
  • The finish must be maintained as recommended by KraGil Inc
  • The surface wear must not have occurred as a result of improper maintenance, or damage caused by denting, scratching, or cutting
  • The surface wear must be readily visible in 10% of the area coated with TopLine finish

What is NOT covered by the warranty

KraGil Inc. warranties do not cover indentations, scratches, or damage caused by negligence, or water saturation. The warranty does not cover any alteration to the product, material applied by a non-certified contractor, improper maintenance, insufficient protection, or exposure to extreme heat or cold for a period of 72 hours or more (below 50 degrees Fahrenheit and above 90 degrees Fahrenheit).

This warranty is the complete and exclusive statement of the warranty, and is in lieu of all other express and/or statutory warranties. KraGil Inc. assumes no liability for incidental or consequential damages.

Manufacturer will only replace defective product. Under no circumstance will manufacturer be responsible for cost of application labor, refinishing expense, or any other costs in excess of a refund of the purchase price of the container.

KraGil Inc.'s responsibility is limited to the cost of the finish if wear through occurs in 10% of the area coated with TopLine Finish.

If You Have a Warranty Claim

Contact KraGil Inc. Customer Service Center 612.605.1864 during normal business hours. Please be prepared to give the Customer Service Specialist information related to your purchase, such as product number, purchase date, retailer name and address and telephone number. You will receive additional instructions for filing the claim at the time of your call.

Warranty Claim Form 


Application Instructions

Note: Keep products from freezing and stir products well before using.

Screen and Finish Application Instructions:

Equipment and Material:

  • 6516 WearMax TopLineTopcoat
  • TAP1 T-Bar = 1 each
  • TAP2 T-Bar Sleeve = 1 each
  • Floor Buffer (175 RPM)
  • 120 to 150-grit screen (depending on what original coating was)
  • Maroon buffing pad
  • Cotton towels

Note: Clean applicators thoroughly between coats using water. Keep Tap2 T-Bar sleeves separated for the Sealers, Primers and the Topcoats as too not mix the coatings together during each application. Using the same applicator for more than one type of coating, will lead to failure.

Screen and finish application:

  1. Screen entire floor with 80 to 120-grit screen.
  2. Caution: Do not screen completely through finish to raw wood. If wax is detected on existing finish, floor must be sanded and wax must be removed. Finishes will not adhere to wax.
  3. Vacuum up all dust and remove all dust sources completely.
  4. Tack entire floor with a water-dampened towel.
  5. Mix the Topcoat with the catalyst. Each unit of catalyst will do one gallon of Topcoat. Use only the catalyst provided by Trustor Coatings. After the finish is mixed, let it set for 2-3 minutes.
  6. Pour a 4-6 inch band of finish, then spread as usual with a T-Bar. Always apply finish in the grain direction using a snow plow motion. Be sure to keep a wet edge. Feather out all turns and stops. Allow sufficient time to dry (approximately 2-3 hrs). Drying times are based on 70oF and 50% humidity in the room where the finish is being applied. Always use a digital moisture meter to be sure the finish is dry before applying the next coat.
  7. After the first coat of Topcoat is dry, screen with a 120-150-grit screen. Vacuum and tack thoroughly.
  8. Apply a second coat of WearMax Topcoat in the same manner as the first. Allow second coat sufficient time to dry. Check second coat with a moisture meter to be sure the second coat is dried to within 1%.
  9. Apply a third coat if feel the need of WearMax Topcoat in the same manner as the second.

Note: You can re-catalyze the Topcoat one time. Do not catalyze more than twice. Dispose of unused finish after six hours.

Sand and Finish Application Instructions:

Equipment and Material:

  • 6515 Universal Primer (for new, unfinished wood, requires 2 coats; coverage 300-400 sq ft/gal)
  • 6514 Universal Sealer (for re-sanded floors, coverage 300-400 sq ft/gal on square edge floors)
  • 6516 WearMax TopLine TopCoat (coverage up to 700 sq ft/gal)
  • TAP1 T-Bar (18") = 1 each     
  • TAP2 T-Bar Sleeve (18") = 2 each
  • Floor Buffer (175 RPM)
  • 120-150 grit screen
  • Floor Sander
  • Cotton Towels

Sand and Finish Application:

  1. Test for moisture level of wood with a moisture meter before you start we recommend a (Lignomat Mini-LIGO S/DC) for accuracy
  2. Sand entire floor as recommended by NOFMA or NWFA
  3. Vacuum up all dust thoroughly
  4. Tack entire floor with a water-dampened towel until all dust is removed and all sources of dust are removed
  5. For new unfinished floor: Apply 1 coat of Universal Primer. Apply finish in the direction of the grain whenever possible using a snowplow motion. Allow sufficient time to dry to within 1%. Always use a moisture meter to check dryness before applying next coat of Primer. Do not screen between the first and second coat of Primer or sealer.
  6. Note: If this is a re-sanded floor or a previously coated floor, apply one coat of Sealer instead of the Primer
  7. Otherwise apply a second coat of Primer. Allow second coat sufficient time to dry. Check second coat with a moisture meter to be sure the second coat is dried to within 1%. Once second coat is dry, screen with 120-grit screen, vacuum thoroughly, and tack with a water-dampened cotton towel
  8. Apply WearMax Topcoat with a T-Bar. Apply as noted in the "Screen and Re-Coat Procedure" noted above.

Note: For severe traffic areas, a fourth coat may be applied.

Clean Up: Clean applicators thoroughly between coats using water. Use separate Tap2 T-Bar sleeves for the Sealer or Primer and the Topcoat.

Warranty Claim Form                                        


Technical Data Sheets (TDS)